Don't be a Luger. Be a Winner.

Sam Edney says...

Hey You.
Live A Little.

Hi, I'm Sam Edney. Drag my WINTERIZER into your bookmarks bar and turn any web page into a white-knuckled accident-prone thrill ride.

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Installing Winterizer in Internet Explorer?

Winterizer instructions

Internet Explorer Bookmarklet Instructions

Internet Explorer may prevent the Winterizer from being dragged to the Favorites Bar. If this happens, no problem, it can be installed another way.

  • Make sure your Favorites Bar is visible. You can find instructions here: Show or Hide the Favorites Bar in Internet Explorer
  • Right-click the red WINTERIZER button
  • Select "Add to favorites"
  • Choose the "Favorites Bar" for the save location, so it will be available for easy access.
  • Click Add

It's All Over.

Hey, Western Canada.

All winners have now been contacted.
Thank you for participating. All participating dealerships will work directly with each of their winners to provide them with a set of General Tire Altimax Arctic Winter Tires.

Tires provided by: General Tire